Character Concept: Earth Janitor

In the future (In an undetermined time) the earth becomes completely covered with humanities garbage. Now, unable to escape to escape the atmosphere, because space trash has made space travel impossible, the earth’s governments has enlisted the help of junk scrappers, otherwise known as Earth’s janitors. Earth Janitors utilize a jumpsuit uniform that utilize both rock climbing gear, and equipment that closely resembles fighter pilot gear to pilot their mechs.

While the government does hire them for work, the equipment they use, including their mechs, are all self funded or loaned with interest. Specified niches are a necessity because of this, some janitors will choose to climb up mountains of garbage, others will dive into the depths of flooded cities. Similar to today’s jobs, such as truck driving or freighter expeditions, Janitors generally leave home for long periods between 6 months to one year.

Regulation or safety measurements are not at the top of the government’s priorities, so competition is generally fierce, and deadly. No one goes junk collecting without a rifle. Because of this, many Janitors will join corporations to ensure that they can work safety, at the cost of their own individual freedom.

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