“Her Idea”

“Her Idea”

Oil paintings

8″ x 11″/10 canvases

Originally this was a collaborative project between my partner and I to subtly tell the university, which we were attending at the time, how we really felt about their art department…  I’ll leave it to you to figure out what we were trying to say.  My painting teacher, completely ignorant of the true intention of the project, loved the paintings.

This painting was made to act as a thought experiment.  The painting asks what the viewer was more drawn towards, the person who is depicted as ambivalent towards the viewer, or her rear end.  The composition was organized as such that her body would help direct the viewer’s eyes towards the main portrait.

For this project, I wanted my partner to be more than a subject, I also wanted her to be a participant.  So instead of asking her to be nude, I asked her to wear whatever undergarments she wanted to wear, as well as pose on sheets that she painted as part of her own artistic practice.  She provided me input throughout the project.

Its hard to say whether or not the idea behind these paintings works in practice. When I presented this set of paintings during critique day, only a few people in the class said that the painting was effective at drawing the viewer’s eye to the center.  The rest of the classroom was quiet…  because no one in that class participates on critique days, possibly because they weren’t taught how to critique.

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